SteMaTo: not just an instrument tracking tool

Where are your surgical sets right now? What procedures do you have to ensure that the right set is in the right OR at the right time? And how is the sterilization of used sets prioritized?

To keep your OR running smoothly, it is vital to use the correct tracking tool in your Sterile Processing Department (SPD). SteMaTo is not just an instrument tracking tool – it is a complete Sterilization Management Tool that ensures your tools are promptly where they need to be, benefiting your OR, surgeons and patients.

SteMaTo instrument tracking tool benefits:

  • Efficient tracking and tracing
    As traceability of surgical instruments is vital in healthcare, it is essential to know exactly which tools are in each location (SPD, nursing services, OR or elsewhere) at any specific time. SteMaTo’s Track and Trace functionality easily solves this issue.

  • Several tracking options
    Data matrix laser marking of surgical instruments makes tracking all your equipment straightforward. Alternatively, you can use a RFID/2D Reader and RFID Steri-ID Loop.

  • Easy handling of loan equipment
    Managing loan equipment is a time consuming and challenging task. The SteMaTo system manages and monitors your loan sets, reducing your workload by linking them to the correct operation in your planning.

  • Ensuring patient safety and hospital accountability
    Fast turnaround of sterilized surgical instruments is essential for today’s healthcare schedules. Additionally, each set needs to be fully traceable for hospital and staff accountability and patient safety.

  • Budget advantages
    The advantages of detailed reporting are clear: by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your actual requirements for instruments, you can improve your purchasing policy and optimize your usage of your current equipment.

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