SteMaTo Sterilization Management Tool: Software as a Service

A comprehensive process-controlling software that manages all SPD processes is essential to treat a large number of sets promptly and correctly.

The SteMaTo (Sterilization Management Tool) is the complete management system your CSSD needs. The SteMaTo tracks, plans and reviews the history of all sets and instruments in all departments quickly.

How the SteMaTo Sterilization Management Tool can help your healthcare facility:

  • Planning
    By linking to the majority of OR programs, SteMaTo creates a more efficient working environment.

  • Management
    SteMaTo’s reporting and analytical tools help you control your budget and ensure transparent cost structures.

  • Budget
    Fully comprehending your actual instrument requirements will improve your purchasing policy and optimize your usage of current equipment.

  • Compatibility
    The SteMaTo system delivers additional efficiency by connecting to your current systems.

  • Instruments
    Tracking and traceability is facilitated by easily marking all surgical instruments. SteMaTo also simplifies the challenge of managing loan equipment.

  • Repair
    Repair and maintenance procedures are automatically generated for the responsible Equipment Manager (when required). This reduces the downtime of sets

  • Endoscopy
    SteMaTo has a fully integrated endoscopy module to ensure high quality standards.

Contact us to learn more about the SteMaTo Sterilization Management Tool.

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