Your Central Sterile Services Department with SteMaTo

Your Central Sterile Service Department (CSSD) faces a challenge everyday: how to deliver fast turnaround of sterilized surgical instruments for today’s healthcare schedules in a way that is fully traceable to ensure patient safety and hospital and staff accountability.

Introducing the solution: SteMaTo – your sterilization management tool.

SteMaTo manages your entire logistics chain, improving turnaround time, tracking instruments and planning priorities. This streamlines your Central Sterile Services Department, improving efficiency.

The benefits of SteMaTo for your Central Sterile Services Department:

  • Linking very efficiently to your OR systems, patients and surgeons
    By creating unique links between your OR, surgeons and patients, SteMaTo ensures your CSSD knows the exact location and status of each set of equipment. This includes the priority for their next usage, who supervised their sterilization and which equipment was used to help increase the flow of sets and instruments.

  • Very efficient Track and Trace
    The traceability of surgical instruments is vital for healthcare today. With SteMaTo’s Track and Trace functionality, your CSSD knows exactly where your tools are at any specific time. The organisation of the entire cycle of sets and instruments in SPD, OR, nursing services or elsewhere is also supported by SteMaTo.

  • Practical interface
    The SteMaTo system has two interface options: wireless touch screens and hand-held scanners. Alternatively, SteMaTo can use a hybrid RFID and bar-code solution from Besco.

  • Handling loan sets
    Managing loan sets can be extremely time consuming, especially with last minute requests that often change. The SteMaTo system can order, monitor and track loan sets, linking them to the correct operation in your planning to reduce your workload.

  • Leadership tool
    With SteMaTo’s reporting functionality, you have a complete overview of your CSSD, helping you to efficiently lead your sterilising service.

  • Always up to date
    SteMaTo is being continuously adapted to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry without additional costs for you.

To discover how SteMaTo can help your Central Sterile Services Department, contact us.

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